Euromillions Lottery Game Number 924 Analysis


Last nights Euromillions Lottery jackpot of €72,412,419 has been won for the fourth time this year in the UK. At the time of writing, the prize money was still unclaimed; just goes to prove that there’s no point buying a ticket and not bothering to check it. We’re all guilt of self doubt, when we say to ourselves why bother checking, I never win anything! Be careful of that conversation you are having with yourself; its so much more important than you think. You do not have to be a proponent of the quasi-scientific law of attraction, to comprehend the negative impact of lack of self-belief. Your new mantra ‘I can do anything I want, I can be anything I want’! Okay enough of that, lets put last nights game under the microscope.

Lucky stars: – 2, 4; main balls: – 1, 21, 26, 40, 50

Leap Frogs Lucky Stars: – 1-3, 3-5;

Leap Frogs Main Balls: – (50)-2, (20*)-(22*), 25*-27, 39-(41), 49-(1)

Last digits Main Balls only: –

(1), 11, 21, 31, (41)

(1), 11, (22), 33, 44

6, 16*, 26, 36, 46*

10, (20*), 30, 40, (50)

Crossovers: – 1, 20*, 22*, 41, 50

Excluded numbers; in other words there are no connections to these numbers in the last three draws; aka the hot zone: – 18, 28, 32, 42

As a result of Game 924 the numbers are categorised as hot (red), warm (amber), cool (green), cold (blue) and over due (black star*).

Hot: – 1, 3, 7, 10, 21, 24, 26, 37, 40, 45, 49, 50 (x 13)

Warm: – 3, 11. 14, 19, 28, 33, 36, 41 (x 8)

Cool: – 8, 12, 18, 29, 32, 38, 43, 44, 48 (x 9)

Cold & Over Due*: – 4*, 5, 6, 9*, 15*, 16*, 17, 20*, 22*, 23, 25*, 27, 30, 31, 34, 35, 39, 46*, 47*

Main Balls

1 cool crossover ball taken from the warm zone game 920. It is a leap frog of 2 a last digit of 11 and 21 and in terms of formula classified as excluded.

21 warm last digit ball from 11 game 920.

26 hot ball from game 922

40 cool last digit from 10 in the last game (923)

50 cool last digit of 10 last game.

Power Play Balls 10, 11

Of the numbers selected in the previous analysis and predictions for last nights game only 50 was drawn!

Predictions for game 925

One over due ball generated in this game alone: –

Leap frogs (20*), (22*), 25*

Last digits: – 6*, 16*, 46*

Pick one only, 20 & 22 are crossovers; if selecting either avoid another crossover on that play line.

Cold numbers generated alone in game 924

Leap frogs: – 27, 39

Last digits: – 30, 31

Select one; as a general rule only one leap frog from the last drawn will be drawn down although there are exceptions. You will often find another leap frog from another number in the hot zone, the first line of the exclusion zone is popular too, as we saw in last nights draw.

Select two hot balls: –

1, 3, 7, 10, 13, 21, 24, 26, 37, 40, 45, 49, 50

Select one warm ball

Leap Frogs: – 2, 41

Last digits: – 11, 33, 36

last digits within the play zone: – 14, 19,

28 excluded zone

Lucky Stars

hot balls: – 2, 4, 5, 9, 11

warm: – 1, 3, 6, 8, 10

cool: – 0!

cold: – 7

One hot & one warm 2, 3

Euromillions Lottery Game Number 923 Analysis


If you’ve not played the Euromillions Lottery with me before, its fun, not a get rich scheme. Think of it terms of putting up a €2.00 stake and winning €19.00 that’s a really great return on your investment. Its such a buzz to win back your stake money, test your system, mines not perfect but we’ve accumulated over €100 in less than one month with small stake money. All winnings go into the glass jar, and the stake money is raised fresh every draw. We used to plough the winnings back into the next ticket, but it doesn’t work because its too easy to lob out all your winnings on a double purchase of tickets raising your chances of winning, statistically this is accurate but does not work in practice.  Buying the same lucky numbers every draw is not a great idea either, this method has been experimented with and proved fruitless in my experience. The quick pick method has never yielded a cent personally but Delores McNamara hit the jackpot in Game 77 on the 29th July 2005 her lucky stars were 4, 5; main balls 3, 19, 26, 49, 50 a point worthy of note; she regrets going public. so when you hit that jackpot stay stum.

To play the Traffic Lights System you’ll find a couple of coloured biros or even pencils in five shades; red, orange, green, blue and black and an A4 notebook come in handy. An old glass jar with a lid, clean is good with some funds in the kitty would be just magic, include a bottle of wine and you’re really rockin’!

Traffic lights are easy, its not rocket science but might appear that way if you’ve downed too much wine!

1. Red is for hot in this instance, not stop. The main balls and the lucky stars from the last three draws all fall into this category, they are hot numbers.

hot stars: – 2, 3, 5,6, 9, 11 Straight away you can see that there are two sets of consecutive pairs although they were not drawn down together.

hot main balls: – 3, 7, 10, 13, 19, 24, 26, 28, 36, 37, 45, 49 (x 12)

The machine is playing hot balls there’s only 12 hotties at the moment, but it went through a big freeze for six draws only emerging last Friday (22nd July 2016). My theory is that the head honcho over in Euromillions head quarters was off on holiday for three weeks and 2nd in command played all the cold numbers. This pattern has emerged over previous summers. Anyway, Ms or Mr Head Honcho hope you had a lovely holiday, I know that you read my blog and I’m available if you were thinking of any promotional aspects!

2. Okay moving on from the hotties of the show, we hit the amber gambler or warm numbers; this refers to 4th, 5th & 6th last draws. If you’ve managed to pick up an orange biro for this draw these numbers are.

Warm stars: -1, 4, 8, 10

Warm main balls: – 2, 8, 11, 12, 14, 18, 21, 33, 41, 44 (x 10)

3. Cool Green this section covers the 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th last draws. For game number 923 these numbers are.

Cool stars: – None

Cool main balls: – 1, 5, 17, 27, 29, 32, 35, 38,  39, 40, 43, 48, 50 (x 13)

4. Cold and over due numbers.

Cold stars: – 7

Cold main balls 4*, 6*, 9*, 15*, 16*, 20*, 22*, 23, 25*, 30, 31, 34, 42, 46*, 47* (x 15)

the ten most over due balls marked with a star here but when writing them up use the black biro to put a circle around each number or a box or a star. 47 is the most overdue number having not been drawn since game 870.

The trick with traffic lights is to work out how many hot balls slots will be picked on the night, balance that against the due and over due in each game and if you come out with two winning balls on one line you’ve beaten the odds. Warm and cool flow in patterns also, so keep count. For €2 is okay to muck it up, but please don’t go remortgaging the house based on a hunch that two ambers, one green a red and an over due are coming down; the odds of winning are a staggering 116,531,800 to 1.

In conjunction with the the stop and go of the traffic lights system most lottery players use leap frogs, last digits halves, doubles and reverse.

A Leap Frog is the number on on either side of the ball drawn

Last draw game number 923

Lucky stars 2, 11; main balls 3, 10, 13, 45, 49

Leap frogs generated by the lucky stars are 1-3, 10-1;

Leap frogs generated by the main balls are 2-4*, 9*-11, 12 -14, 44-46*, 48 -50

Last digits do not apply to the lucky stars because there isn’t enough numbers in the pool.

Last digits generated by game 923

3, 13, 23, 33, 43

10, 20, 30, 40, 50

13, 3, 13, 23, 33, 43

45, 5, 15, 25*, 35, 45

49, 9, 19, 29, 39, 49

halves, doubles and reverse:

6, 5, 20, 26,

Cross overs (a number that is both a leap frog and a last digit)

9 & 50

Bearing in mind that it is the anniversary of Delores McNamara’s win 49 & 50 are looking like good numbers but all her numbers are in play.

You can pick a set formula and use it for every draw. For example one crossover ball e.g. 50 cool green

One hot ball 49

One over due pure leap frog 4* the 6th most popular ball in the game and not been drawn since game 898 at the end of april

One pure last digit from game 923 amber might be good  there’s only one number 33

As were in a hot ball spin, 19 sounds like a good number as its also a last digit of 49

Lucky Stars

1 – 7

Hope that you all strike it lucky the numbers are only guidelines to illustrate the selection process.


Scam Spam; Politics in Technology, Kremlin in the Machine

Back in 2014, Russian hackers broke into 420,000 websites and stole 1.2 billion Internet user names and passwords; two years on we are inundated in scam spam. Yesterday (27th July 2016), American presidential hopeful Donald Trump called on the Russians to hack into Hillary Clinton’s email. Obviously, the Russians are pretty good at this cyber-hacking crack.

Politically the Cold War may have concluded last century but there is a new chill from the east. Knowledge is power and all that, but our Western ethical standards prevent ‘us’ from returning the favour, it appears. If we were to grade our states protection of its citizens against cyber-crime in terms of how the state would have graded us at school, it would probably warrant an E- doesn’t pay attention in class, needs to improve, could do so much better if she stopped mud wrestling all through class time! The slinging of manure between the right and the left factions of the classroom is a really big issue too, and has impaired any notable progress.

Should the school bell have rung out? Is it time for us all to walk away from modern technology or are we too entrenched in it? Consider that Mr. Trump stated yesterday he does not use email due to its susceptibility to hacking. He ought to have a fairly good handle on the subject as he’s been involved with the Internet for sometime. A report by LightCyber issued this month found that it is a waste of time relying on malware detection software to spot potential hackers. The company discovered that hackers are now enabling tools that are readily installed by the user such as web browsers and remote access software e.g.Team Viewer, allowing the hackers to stay in control of your computer undetected for months. The pressure has been cranked up from malware, now relegated to little more than a battering ram, to cyperweaponry. It is an extremely sophisticated field, and as users our knowledge base requires a major overhaul; in the region of a PhD, just to prepare ourselves from the threat from cyberspace, not protect. You’ve got to ask yourself, in the long run is it cheaper and easier to all walk away or at a minimum return exclusively to snail mail?

Its a tough call, realistically speaking most of us Internet users are ordinary regular folk; not technology experts. We just want to get onto our favourite social network sites, buy some stuff, email friends and family. There’s a Russian designed virus called Koobface its a network worm that targets users of social networks and email websites, it travels into any other device along the network; its purpose is to grant the hackers access to all of the users personal information, e.g. banking details, passwords, and leaves the ‘mark’ vulnerable to identity theft.

The scammer then sells the obtained information on the dark web, a small part of the deep web, this is a piece of the web that is not indexed by search engines. The dark web is made up of darknets; friend-to-friend networks and big, popular networks such as Tor, Freenet & I2P. Tor is known as onionland due to its domain suffix .onion and its traffic anonymization technique called onion routing. The dark web/Tor is part of the public Internet that requires specially designed software or authorisation codes to access it. Tor has come into use since 2009 and UK research from 2014 found that it is used for child pornography, black market; including the selling of credit cards, personal details, weapons, extremist politics and drugs. A true den of iniquity; many urban myths have grown up around the dark web including crowdfunded assassinations, hitmen for hire, it was also the home of Silk Road; the ebay of the darkweb where anonymous sellers retail cocaine, weapons, and whatever else they can, in 2012 turnover was an estimated $15 million with a massive increase to approximately $45 million in under twelve months. You’ve got to admire Ross Ulbricht’s (aka Dread Pirate Roberts) business model, even though his moral compass had more in common with Jack Sparrow’s than a functioning device.

Today in the UK Lloyds bank announced that it is dismissing 3,000 staff and closing 200 branches because in Britain most people have moved to online banking, its pretty much the same here in Ireland although just to note Lloyds Bank does not trade here. Again this arena is also filled with peril from hackers, it seems that the O2 record base was hacked, equipped with O2 account details the hackers send unsolicited text messages that are addressed individually to us by name, the message directs the addressee to open the picture attached. Most people seem to delete the message, it’s a scam to gain access to the users mobile phone and online banking.

At launch it was believed that the Internet would enhance democracy and reduce inequality by opening up business opportunities. It has succeeded in ways that could not have been predicted, but there is no such thing as a free lunch or a machine without a Kremlin, sorry gremlin in it. The political landscape impacts on the practical application of technology, both in respect of limits and expansion of horizons.





Unsubscribing from P J Media is a Nightmare

Celtic Soothsayer Flying High
Celtic Soothsayer

Before you sign up for P J Media ‘election news and more, right in your inbox’, sounds so coffee and slippers, doesn’t it? Please just entertain me for a minute.

After several years, I no longer wish to receive their ‘news’ on any topic, and thought that it would be relatively easy to unsubscribe from P J Media.

To my surprise this was not the case!

Their unsubscribe page works for a few minutes, it then resigns your email account automatically. Typically this takes a few hours, but is completed in time for the next newsletter from PJ Media.

Last week, I emailed them twice direct from their contact button on their website, didn’t even get a reply!

To be honest, at the beginning I was thinking that the error was mine, and that the ‘spam’ was originating from another source, using their material. I was very surprised that PJ Media did not help me. Pretty poor form, to say the least.

As the week wore on, a red mist started to rise, and I contacted the writing ‘I want to report PJ Media for Spam, please find email included, they send material (spam) at least once a day. I have made repeated efforts to unsubscribe but to no avail. As in, I untick all the boxes, and they reappear ticked sometime later, then more spam arrives. I have written to the company twice last week, requesting that they stop spamming me. They did not even reply to me, and as you can see the spam is still landing into my inbox. I signed up for their news letters in good faith believing them to be a reputable company’. Sent Mon 29/02/2016 23:16 Link to email of 29/2/2016

No reply or acknowledgement from

It is a legal requirement that all Internet companies that operate using lists must provide a working unsubscribe button. Obviously nobody is going to give a monkey’s uncle is there is no repercussions for spamming.

The Internet has its uses, and fairly major limits.

Cheesed-off C S

PS This whole blocking thing doesn’t do any good, the junk-file has to be cleared out every twenty minutes!


Leprechauns are unique to Ireland. Identified as faery folk, said to be smaller in stature than humans. They are roguish, mischievous, playful shoe-makers, with killer tempers, it is also noted by some authors that their other professions are believed to include banking and brewing.

Leprechauns have rather addictive little personalities; falling for the charms of nicotine and alcohol, and in keeping with this they are rather keen on an old shindig or two! A leprechaun usually smokes a pipe, carries a jug of beer or poteen and is really into ‘his’ music; generally it is accepted that all leprechauns are male with beards, and that they usually wear green, red or brown, breeches, waistcoats, jackets, shoes with buckles and hats.

While it is acknowledged by many that leprechauns are another generation of the Tuatha Dé Danann; it could be argued that faeries and angels are one and the same, the Tuatha Dé Danann are in some way related to the tribe of Daniel, not in the illuminati way, but more fallen angel, they descended with them.

Peter Berresford Ellis (2002; pp. 34 & 73) writes that Lugh-chromain, meaning ‘little stooping Lugh of the sídhe‘  is all that remains of one of the great gods of the Tuatha Dé Danann as a mispronunciation, the word distorted into leprechaun, Patricia Monaghan (2004, p. 286) argues perhaps this was under the weight of Christianity! Although she also points out that the Irish ‘leith brogan’ (leath bhrogan) to mean shoe-maker as do others around the Internet; Ann O’Regan contends that ‘luacharma’n’ means small body. There is no conclusive theory where leprechaun legends sprang from Patricia Monaghan( 2004; p. 286) and John & Caitlin Matthews both note the word ‘luchorpán’ in reference to leprechauns, however Monaghan says that in ‘The Book of Invasions’ Ham (Noah’s son whom he hexed) begot some nasty little people perhaps these were the start of the leprechaun legends.

In the support of the idea that leprechauns are descendants of the Tuatha Dé Danann or one and the same, it is also said that the Pagan goddesses and gods are known to kick up their heels, in that they loved to drink and party. Some commentators say that they had voracious sexual appetites, but stuck religiously to their own moral code of conduct. They believed in honour and had quick tempers.

There is a very definite issue in respect of gender; as noted above and by many scholars it is said that leprechauns are all male, but that faeries are commonly depicted in the feminine, plus it is acknowledged that goddesses are worshipped in Pagan traditions.

Tales of the fallen angels, do not tell of females; only males. Despite the fact it is noted that fallen angels, the tribe of Daniel and the pagan gods and goddesses are considered most likely to have descended at the same time; probably for the same reasons. Supposing there had been some kind of gender equality when they all descended, as there seems to be both female and male; the women of the Tuatha Dé Danann were well able to kick ass, is it our cultural notions that have applied a gender frame to leprechauns and faeries?

Celtic Soothsayer

5th May 2015

Knockfierna mountain, Co. Limerick.
Knockfierna mountain, Co. Limerick.

Please note on a personal level I am not committing to a belief in the scriptures of any spiritual doctrine, or leprechauns, faeries, fallen angels, ancient astronaut theory or anything. It just slightly more honest research than I’ve encountered on some real rubbish websites.


Berresford Ellis, P. (2002), The Mammoth Book of Celtic Myths and Legends, London; Constable & Robinson Ltd.

Matthews, J., & Matthews C., The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures, E-book; Harper Collins.

Monaghan, P. (2004), Encyclopedia of Celtic Mythology and Folklore, New York; Facts on File Inc.

O’Reagan, A. Spooky Field Guide to Leprechauns, found at: –

Who you going to call? … 999 Reported Sightings of Ghosts, Witches and Zombies increasing around the UK.

No, its not an April Fool!

Based on freedom of information, demand for police protection from ghosts, zombies and witches is increasing, as statistics highlight the number of British people dialling 999 to report sightings.

In the West Midlands between 2011-2013, there were fourteen reported sightings of ghosts, fifty-five incidents of witchcraft and one pair of marauding Zombies.

Nick Duffy operates the first established ghostbusting club in an area now being referred to as ‘The Black Country Triangle’ of the UK, since 1989.

Last time that he was called to a suspected werewolf sighting in Solihill, it turned out to be a hungry dog scavenging in dustbins.

However, further south in Avon & Somerset according to police records, there were four suspected werewolf sightings between 2011-2014!

The local police received 295 calls related to paranormal sightings between 2011-2014; the most common of these were ghosts, over the three year period, there were ninety-nine emergency calls due to spectral sightings.

In Coalisland (close to Lough Derg), Northern Ireland, there were over 2,000 calls to Police in 2008 concerning paranormal events; the local police were not equipped with an adequate budget to enable them to break down these figures.

It should be noted that the near by lake, Lough Derg is shrouded in myth and legend, where it is said that Saint Patrick slew the last of the Pagan demons, and that a cave leading to the Underworld had to be sealed in the 17th century.

The gates of hell constitute another blog article, the topic is also the focus of an upcoming storyline.

The increased sightings of Zombies may be explained away, once it is realised that Zombies are currently big business.

To such an extent that BBC 3 is set to air a new Zombie Apocalypse Reality Show, a Zombie boot camp has been running in Worcestershire by Ram Training for the last two and a half years, weekends can be spent evading capture by Zombies in South Wales and includes some top notch survival skills, there is also a Bristol based company called Slingshot that run a game of chase through industrial estates in cities around England.

Sadly, there do not appear to be any such figures available for Ireland, if anybody reading this can help please leave a comment. Would also love to hear any Irish black dog or púca stories.



The Hyperbole of Hyperborea

There is so much time-wasting bullshit out there, but the Hyperbole of Hyperborea has got my smalls in a knot! The facts are that Rhesus Negative blood groups are attracting a huge amount of online traffic, due in part to increasing conspiracy theories on the origin of so-called ‘Repitilian, Serpent or Dragon blood’! Where there’s a conspiracy theory, there’s always some gobshite on the make; scaring the bejesus out of decent folk to gain advantage. So with that in mind, let me throw my two pence worth into the debate before finding myself even more discombobulated than I already am.

Have you noticed that you start your Internet research on a Monday morning, however, come Friday night, the answer to your question still evades you, despite the trail of startling discoveries along the way; most of which are totally unrelated to your original quest? Furthermore, in order to add to your knowledge base on said topic, this usually requires the use of your credit card! Probably more than once. Its not called the ‘web’ for nothing! Everything is woven together, forming a web of interconnecting, constantly updating, ginormous data base, that is impossible for any of us to know in its entirety. Like a fly trapped in a spiders web, the World Wide Web can be just as lethal. This is not merely limited to wasting ones time, but can in the extreme, lead to altogether more deadly consequences.

Henceforth, the aim of this article is to provide you with the required information, in as short a time as is possible, and for no capital outlay! To that end the first section of this post will give you hard-core information, and the second section will examine one article based on the Indian legend of Hyperborea arguing that we have not discovered where the Pure Rhesus Negative blood originates from. Interesting and all as this maybe, and it does have a hook; one that attaches itself to the Reptilian conspiracy theory. Before moving on, this so-called species are said to wear protective suits of a scaly outer appearance, and this is where the whole Reptilian identifier originates, as found in Sumerian texts hence, they by description were not reptilian in form.

Section One

The Rh blood group system is divided into thirty-three categories; A, B & O are the primary ones, closely followed by the positive and negative markers thus, allowing for example Rh A + and Rh A – based on the fifty defined blood-group antigens; the five most significant are D, C, c, E, & e. The presence or absence of the D antigen are referred to as either positive or negative respectively. In short RhD negative is denoted by the absence of D-antigen, this blood group is more unusual than RhD positive, approximately 15% of the world’s population are RhD negative ( On a myth busting level the Rh factor was erroneously named the Rhesus Monkey ( Furthermore, and a point of relevance, at least for me with reference to this post, the idea that RhD negative people are genetically more distant from the ‘Monkey’ is offensive to the Black community as they do not have the same numbers of RhD negatives and this has been interpreted as more ‘White Lies & White Supremacy’ (see  D antigen is a protein, with many parts, found on the surface of red blood cells, also known as the Rh factor, if you are D negative your red blood cells are devoid of D antigen.

There are numerous implications for any blood group, one of the fundamentally most important issues of a RhD negative is for women of child-bearing age. According to the NHS in England, all women are given a blood test at the start of their pregnancy; if they are RhD negative, they will be monitored for cross-contamination between the mother with RhD negative blood and a RhD positive baby in the womb as this can lead to Rhesus Disease in a sensitised mother; if left untreated it can result in a still-born baby, brain damage, learning difficulties, deafness or blindness. A sensitised mother has already been exposed to RhD positive blood, normally through a previous pregnancy. Rhesus Negative women will be administered anti-D immunoglobulin to help remove the RhD foetal blood cells before they can cause sensitisation (visit Should a pregnancy be terminated through choice or accident, a RhD negative woman might be sensitised, Clinics offer anti D injections, in the case of miscarriage RhD negatives should seek medical advice.

Furthermore, in my opinion websites that promote the notion that RhD negatives are ‘special’ might consider the notion that we as individuals are all special. Many people experience ‘psychic episodes’, are above average intelligence, endure hardships giving birth and may claim to have been abducted by aliens. RhD negative is inherited genetically, but a theory that upholds the merits of inherited privilege over an egalitarian system is backwards, exclusionary and hurtful, as already noted above, and so will be touched on below, we are all products of our environment; subjects and objects with limits.

Myth buster number three; should you encounter claims that RhD O negative blood types cannot contract nor transmit HIV/AIDS, there is no scientific evidence to substantiate this urban myth (see

Amid all of the hyperbole and crazy theories, one of the few things that can be stated with clarity is that if you are a rare blood type, you should consider donating blood, as it only keeps for thirty-five days, lives hang in the balance!

Section Two; Debunking the Hyperbole of Hyperborea.

There is one article in particular that can be found across numerous websites; although some of these appear quite reasonable, they should invest some time reading the articles published on their sites instead of posting disclaimers; especially sites that invite people to register with them; it does not instil confidence. In fact, you could argue that conspiracy theories are infectious; and I can’t help but wonder if they just want to sign-up young adults! The offending article is credited to Neill  the unknown on several sites, but the accreditation is a variable, just not the text! Dated 2009, examining the correlation between Hyperborea and the RH Negative Bloodline of Scandinavians and Aryans, although the article appeared to start life as a ‘theory’, and at this point its important to point out that we all need to hear different beliefs however, the line should have been drawn before referring to the Gods of another faith as ‘evil entities’ including Elohim. Not happy at that, the author further assumes that ‘Nordic Aryan Aliens’ are ‘Fallen Watchers’, Reptilians that he concludes are evil rapists, but then he maintains that they could clone humans, but could not make humans and then finally utilises a ‘quote’ from the Old Testament that states the complete opposite of the latter statement, despite an extensive search the citation could not be found in the King James Bible (detailed below 12 & 13).

In respect of the much maligned Aryans, originally they were a nomadic tribe of Indo-Iranians; travelling between Iran and India from around 2700-350 BCE and nothing to do with Hitler’s blue-eyed, blond master race (Read more: As for the Reptilians; should they happen to exist, they have my deepest sympathy, as targets of the supercilious social construct of good and evil, judged from a ill-informed perspective that maintains they are actually ‘Reptiles’ under their scaly space suits! Depicted as aliens, sons of God or gods, spiritual entities inhabiting physical avatars, pagan gods and goddesses, angels, demons, kings, queens, rapists and masters of genetic-engineering. In fact, Serpent culture in Ireland is associated with the Druids, when St. Patrick is said to have banished the snakes from our land, it is a symbolic reference to the casting out of Pagan Druids. This association of serpents, dragons and reptiles is a particular feature of Christianity, and can be witnessed again in the biblical book of Revelations that depicts a Seven Headed Red Dragon as the enemy of all! Much fear and cruelty has been perpetrated against innocent animals due to the hyperbole created to stoke up loyalty that might otherwise not exist using the construct of good and evil. Fallen angels are also tarred and feathered with the same brush, Lucifier the light bearer has been totally demonized, eventually qualifying as the Devil himself! That said there has been a cultural move to romanticise species previously represented as evil; for example ‘Fallen’ a novel written by Lauren Kate and made into a movie; although reliant on a good versus evil story line, it at least makes the point that some fallen angels and nephilim are easy on the eye with high levels of integrity; in Ireland the Tuatha Dé Danann are viewed similarly.

The concept of good and evil was created by religious philosopher Zoroaster, when he simplified the pantheon of ancient Iranian gods into two opposing forces Spenta Mainvu (‘progressive mentality’) and Angra Mainvu (‘destructive mentality’) under the god of ‘Illuminating Wisdom’ Ahura Mazda (  The construct of good versus evil is an easy sell ticket; look at any Hollywood movie, good guy always triumphs over bad in the end! Boring. Sadly as a much used ideal across society castigating the ‘Other’ as evil is generally unhelpful and does not benefit a society that needs to embrace difference. And as we have already seen, the idea of good versus evil is a frequently used tactic when attempting to justify ones own religious convictions.

Hyperbole of Hyperborea; the nuts and bolts of the theory.

1. Contests scientific theory that life began in Africa; believes that we should reconsider our assertions based on his dubious claim that the Scandinavian Mummies are the oldest archaeological indicators we have of where life began.

In fact the oldest Mummy is Otzi the Iceman found in the Otztal Alps bordering southern Austria and Northern Italy believed to have lived approximately 3,300 BCE ( Austria and Italy are not Scandinavian countries.

2. The author  continues to argue that human’s are believed to have evolved from ‘monkeys’despite the ‘missing link’ in a manner that 19th century opponents of Darwinism would have been proud of.

3. Due to legends and languages it is believed that Scandinavian people inhabited earth before ‘the Ice Age’ and lived in Hyperborean regions, in a difficult to decipher paragraph the author seems to be saying that the Scandinavians lived in Hyperborea situated at the equator, when it was warm, prior to the Ice Age, and that as the continents shifted Hyperborea moved up to form the North Pole, the author writes ‘causing it’s inhabitants to migrate down to global areas in the world known as Atlantis, Lumeria etc.’

To be fair on this score Plate Tectonics is a relatively new and evolving scientific theory that does explain the spread of species in a global context. Lumeria is no longer considered to have any valid scientific basis, in mythology Lumeria was sunk by the gods after they discovered the inhabitants were engaging in acts of bestiality. Hyperborea was identified in the mythology of Helena Blavatsky to be the home of the second root race and Atlantis the home of the fourth root race. If I’ve missed a credible link to the prospects of finding Atlantis using Plate Tectonics theory , I apologise. Plato’s Atlantis has fascinated the world for millennia, many say that Knossos the ancient Minoan palace situated on the Greek island of Crete, established before 2000 BCE is connected with Atlantis; it is also said that a sunken island off Greece fits many descriptions of the mythical island.

4. The writer states that brown haired, brown-eyed people interbred with the Scandinavian blue-eyed, blondes, resulting in a variety of groups; the Basques, Anglo-Saxons, Scythians and Aryans.

The Berbers of Morocco have the highest percentage of RhD negative members across their society, reportedly even more than the Basques, some commentators speculate; on the basis of legend purely that when Atlantis sank the people migrated resulting in above average RhD negatives found among the Basques and Berber populations.

6. It is also claimed that the original Eves are RhD positive, located in Africa, that he associates with the Rhesus Monkey (already established to be erroneous and highly offensive to people from many races; effectively, insinuating that White people with RhD negative blood are born with the biologically inherited right to rule the world! Could be construed as either a far Right White Supremacy conspiracy theory; political agenda or may explain why so many RhD negative people are complaining that they are being hunted down), apparently the original Adams populated the Indian continent also North and South America.

Within the article it is not possible to understand if ‘Original Adam’ is RhD positive or negative. Although difficult to locate current figures for the distribution of RhD negatives blood groups in India and Africa according to Wikipedia are less than 1% of the population (! I checked the World Health Organisation, but couldn’t source any figures; thought provoking or what?

7. Indian legends identify the North & South Poles as the ‘cradle of humanity’ (cradle of life), and it is further stated that Hindus believe that they are descended from the lowest of India’s four castes the sundras; a servant class.

8. The author claims that Bluebloods including the British Royal family also come from the lowest class, and stole the Divine Right to Rule from Scandinavian predecessors (conveniently) prior to recorded history. The Bluebloods of Europe may have traces of Scandinavian bloodlines and the Dark Race who might have been ‘Sea People’. The bluebloods can be traced to the biblical Tribe of Dan and Cain, said to have red hair, green-eyes; referring to them as the Serpent or Reptilian bloodline. They migrated to Spain, France and the British Isles with the aid of the ‘Sea People’ he also says that the Phoenicians as Siberians of Russia, the Yakuts, Sakha and the Buryats transported The Tribe of Dan from the Middle East between 1200-800BCE. Furthermore, he argues that this race of people are hybrids with a mixture of the Reptilian and Neanderthal DNA. The gene for red hair is attributed to the Neanderthal race and the author stipulates that ‘if this is true’ then they are not the original bloodline on earth as they have ‘demonic’ Reptilian DNA.

The mythical race of supernatural beings known as the Tuatha Dé Danann are believed to have come to Ireland in 1897 BCE, their rule ceased when they were defeated in battle by the the Sons of Míl Espaíne; known as the Milesians from Spain in 1477 BCE according to the pseudo-biblical history of Ireland recorded in the Lebor Gabála Érenn. It also tells us the Tuatha Dé Danann arrived in Ireland, under a cloak of dark clouds, having learned the magical crafts in the northern islands of Falias, Gorias, Findias and Murias. The Tribe of Dan are regularly identified as the Tuatha Dé Danann, but are we now to believe that our pride and joy are ‘demonic’ reptiles? Many Irish families claim descent from the Tuatha Dé Danann and Faery culture is held in high esteem throughout Ireland. Indeed the gods and goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann are worshipped today by followers of Celtic Paganism around the world.

9. Hindu’s ancient history focuses on spiritual traditions from far-away lands; the North Pole is known as Hyperborea, the Land of the Gods. Seemingly it is believed that the Garden of Eden was in Hyperborea when it was warm. Legend identifies Scandinavians as the original race in Hyperborea, until the gods fell to earth raping and manipulating DNA of the original earthlings. The author points out the similarities between ‘these evil gods’ and the ‘Fallen Angels’ (actually they are called ‘the sons of God’ in the bible, and God was pretty quick to pick up on the wickedness of men too) that he believes ‘we’ refer to as the Nordic Aryan Alien. He also adds that as far back as ancient Sumer in modern day Iraq legends exist of Reptilian aliens/gods that created a hybrid race that sat on all the thrones of ancient kingdoms.

The last statement is about the only thing that I can agree with, and have to observe that there is a clear cultural schism between this author and Neill the unknown.

10. The author announces that scientists should search for the pure RhD negative source in Hyperborea instead of stopping with the Serpent bloodlines of Europe, accusing them of jumping to incorrect conclusions that it has come from an alien race! Also credits Jesus (Yashua) and his creative forces known as the ‘Aeons or the Watchers’ with creating the earth and life.

Silly me. I thought that God was credited with creating heaven and earth (Genesis 1.1)!

11. Originally ‘men’ were created in the image of Watchers, by Watchers, and their spirits were then placed into these physical avatars in our 3-Dimensional world.

Although ‘The War in Heaven’ (Revelations) is alluded to the writer refers to it as a ‘fight’ that resulted in the expulsion of Watchers that then went onto become the Nordic Aryan Aliens interfering with humans. My money is on the Seven Headed Red Dragon!

12. Neill the unknown writes that Yaldabaoth the Demiurge created more aliens in the sky, these too came to earth, including Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, one of Yaldobaoth six sons, this is the god that the writer identifies as the ‘evil entity the Judah Jews worshipped’. The Israelites deemed to have worshipped the Nordic Aryan Alien or ‘Fallen Watcher’ of the Elohim.

13. The article also reprimands those ‘falling for the “Alien Agenda”‘ believing that the demonic entities, we wrongly call aliens today created human beings. Then he tells the reader that these entities are not capable of creating human beings at any time! He says that he is quoting from the Old Testament to back up his argument ‘these entities did have the ability to rape women and clone hybrids using human reptilian, animal and bird DNA which is how the “Serpent Bloodlines” were created. This illicit sexual activity with the gods is the actual meaning behind ORIGINAL SIN.

Here endeth the hyperbole of Hyperborea, an illustration of the yarns spun over the web, to people desperately searching for answers and implications of the Rhesus Negative blood group. The social construct of good versus evil has been used to label entities worshipped by ‘Other’ that are of no consequence in this tale. Unknown species castigated and demonized, coupled with an uncommon biblical knowledge, and the basing of legend as factual. Race has not escaped unscathed; excluding the majority, as a minority have had their egos massaged by illusions of grandeur usually under the rubric of ‘dragon blood’.


Magickal Roots

Poulnabrone Tomb, The Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland
Poulnabrone Tomb, The Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland

So you are trying to find a spiritual path that fits the calling deep within your soul. Join the club. It is a well worn path, littered with charlatans; promulgating their own philosophy, with exorbitant charges on the premise that your life will be forever transformed by said product, potion or Guru. No system is perfect, so rather than chastising any individual we should look to the system that has created this malevolent structure.

Essentially, we are living in a materialistic, economically driven world, where people feel disorientated in the face of the capitalist leviathan and deus ex machina attitude that our problems can be resolved by the creation of more money. We are defined in terms of our financial success, obviously we cannot all win this race, some of us do not even want to participate. For many individuals see past the frivolity of the charade, and desire a life with more meaning.

The system is shaped by prevalent attitudes, and sways to the supply and demand chain of society as can be seen in an examination of both attitudes towards witchcraft and gender association within the practice. As Abercrombie et al (2000, The Penguin Dictionary of Sociology; 4th Edition, Penguin Books, London, UK; p 385) note that witchcraft is commonly seen to be the domain of women, and that accusations of same were viewed as an assertion of ‘male control’ designed to foil many forms of deviancy. However since the spread in popularity of  Wicca it is common place to see practitioners note that ‘a witch is a witch regardless of gender’. It is also fair to say that witchcraft and sorcery are condemned in the King James bible, written during the medieval era when witch-hunts were prevalent (see Davies, O, 2009, Grimoires; A History of Magic Books, Oxford University Press, UK; pp 15-16). The 1736 Witchcraft Act was repealed in 1945 after Helen Duncan, the last woman in England to have been imprisoned under the 1736 Act  for running fraudulent séances and obtaining money under false pretences, in response to this Winston Churchill wrote to the Home Secretary; Herbert Morrison stating that it was a waste of valuable resources based on ‘obsolete tomfoolery’ paving the way for a new era of religious freedom. Wicca was established by Gerald Gardner and started to become popular after the repeal of the Witchcraft Act, it is defined as a pre-Christian pagan religion, appealing to liberals with an open-door policy that Nicolas De Vere  despiser of liberals and ‘New Age’ philosophy held in contempt  (De Vere, N., 1999, From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells, Publishers Unknown).

Furthermore, gender is a social construct; you only need a very cursory glance over the bible to notice that women were supposedly not created equal to men in the eyes of the church. To the extent that this ideology prevents women from having autonomy over their own bodies in a democracy that supposedly espouses equality…the epitome of a social construct; operates similarly to invisible chains, in that an attitude has become so ingrained in the public consciousness that they do not even question their standpoint. There are many ideas in our society today that fit the paradigm of a social construct, one of the most deceptive is the deep rooted belief in good and evil, like gender it’s biblical. People are so desperate to seek out the truth that they are prepared to face both their demons and public demonization. But then again, many of us feel that we have been lied to by those in power. Thus, begins the search for our magickal roots among the seven headed red dragons, grail bloodlines and the descendants of Cain versus the family of Seth; all very biblical. With many accusations of Satanic practices, human sacrifices and world domination theories, the public seem oblivious to the notion that so many religions uphold their stranglehold on the supremacy of knowledge, by discrediting the beliefs of the opposition.

Our magickal roots may lie in Wicca, that identifies as a pre-Christian Pagan religion celebrating the wheels of the year in Sabbats. Many Wiccan offer courses, books and some beautiful trinkets; from jewellery, clothing to scented candles and interior decoration espousing eco-friendly and vegetarian life-styles. Politically liberal, generous with their time and extremely pleasant; every single one.

Druidism, an ancient pagan belief system, similarities with Wicca and offer courses online for which payment is required.

Both Druidism and Wicca are equally welcoming to new recruits. However, on a personal level one umbrella organisation claimed to operate an open-door policy, did not even bother to answer email, nor supply me with requested magazine that they were required to by their main office!

Serpent or Dragon bloodlines, Rhesus Negative is divided along the descendants of Cain and Seth. To follow this path you need to be really good at tracing family histories. This line will suit individuals that still believe or want to believe in Jesus and the Scriptures. Nicholas De Vere, as I remember defines his interpretation as a form of Pagan Christianity, and for those of you with a genuine belief in Jesus, De Vere opens a path of possibilities, so don’t be disparaged by the ‘Royal Bloodline’ and Elitist attitude, inwardly digest the information you require, and continue on you pathway to Enlightenment.

The Tuatha Dé Danann are by far the most popular. De Vere and many others like him refer to them as ‘the Dragon Kings of Anu’ linking them to the Annunaki. There is also some halfway decent articles online disputing Zecharia Sitchin claims of planet X, and the need for gold mining due to problems in its ‘atmosphere’. To be fair to Sitchin every theory starts somewhere, and we all need to add in our tuppence worth to evolve a thesis. The Tuatha Dé Danann are frequently sighted as ‘the shining ones’ and Christian O’Brien with his wife is said to have written a modern and clear book by the same name on the background. At $470 on I shelved the notion of reading it, but it does serve as a reminder of money spent by lost souls on a quest for their magickal roots. 

Angels and Fallen Angels are a highly significant part of magickal practice within traditional witchcraft based on bloodlines and ancestors, its a family tradition and includes many of the main religions, excluding Wicca that worship a god and goddess. A fabulous article written by Michael Howard can be found at: –

List of Fomorians

ALATRON of the Fomorians; sons DUB, MELL & DUBROS mentioned in ‘The Training of Cúchulainn’ (

BALOR OF THE EVIL EYE; one-eyed father of EITHNE, grandfather of LUGH LAMHFADA, lived on Tory Island, Co. Donegal.

BRES, son of Fomorian ELATHA, his mother ÉRIU of the Tuatha Dé Danann, known for his beauty, leader of the Tuatha Dé Danann for a time until they revolted against him.

BUARAINECH; father of BALOR unable to find a decent reference.

CETHLENN; Fomorian queen renouned for her buck-teeth, wife of BALOR, she was a soothsayer and ‘saw’ their own defeat in the Second Battle of Mag Tuired, despite this she still waged war against the Tuatha Dé Danann wounding or killing the DAGDA (


DOMNU; Goddess of the Fomorians; their tribe were known as the Children of Domnu, a race said to have come from the depths of the sea as Domnu means ‘deep’. DOMNU is mentioned in the Book of ‘Lebor Gabála Érenn’ commonly referred to as the Book of Invasions.

ELATHA, Fomorian prince, father of BRES, described as beautiful with long golden locks and cape covered in golden stitching (

EITHNE;  mother of LUGH, unusually for a Fomorian known for her beauty. Patricia Monaghan cleverly contests that there is scholarly evidence to suggest that EITHNE was a virginal goddess, that survived on milk from a sacred cow, and lived under the protection of demons against marauding males. Furthermore, from her stature as goddess EITHNE was downgraded to a character of folklore (

GANN & GEANANN; Fomorian leaders (


Fallen Angels, Nephilim, Fomorians and the Tuatha Dé Danann; Part I

Research Notes by Celtic Soothsayer

Just for the record, I actually have academic research qualifications (Social Research; Quals & Quants BA & MA), that I fully intended using following graduation from university, but the economy crashed and died. During Christmas 2011, our television screens were bombarded with the complete Harry Potter series, influenced by the inspiring rags to riches story of the books author; J. K. Rowling, in the face of impending financial meltdown, and whilst we still had electricity and a computer, I began researching magic in earnest, not that I have a mind to create the next Harry Potter. I totally respect J. K. Rowling, she researched her topic thoroughly. Two quick examples to illustrate my point; Nicolas Flamel was a French Alchemist, rumoured to be immortal. Second, the Philosophers Stone is again based in reality, and actually refers to a process within Alchemy of attempting to turn base metals into gold or silver, it can also refer to an elixir of life, that is used by those seeking to create a spell for immortality.

Now, I am not saying that magic is real, just that over the course of world history, many people believed and practised it. There are numerous reports of magic, miracles, magicians, deities and superhuman beings. Pliny the Elder notes that magic started in Persia, with Zoroaster may be as early as 6347 BCE (Davies, 2009: 7). Enoch, thought by some to be the first person to create written records, and to whom the Book of Enoch is attributed, in which he speaks of Angels and their interactions between the celestial other world and earth. Although excluded from the Canonical Christian Scriptures that seem to favour Cainite and Sethite division of the sons of Gods and the daughters of man (see Fleming, 1879). The ancient magical practices are steeped in Angelic Lore, the first example that springs to mind is Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers (1899), ‘The Key of Solomon the King’. I know that this sounds more than a tad quirky, but there’s a prayer at the beginning of the book, and if you don’t say it, you will not understand the book! Welcome to the world of magick!

No study of Magic and Angels would be complete without sifting through the Bible, Celtic Mythology, the goddesses and gods of old, the Anakim and the hugely fascinating Sumerian history. It is becoming increasingly obvious to me that there is a crossover between Angels, the old Gods, Fae people and Ancient Astronaut theory. With this in mind I discovered ‘The Fallen Angels and Heroes of Mythology, “The Sons of God” and “The Mighty Men”, the author Rev. John Fleming (1879;2), cites Bryant, who notices the many similarities between Noah and the mythological characters of Thoth, Hermes, Osiris and Atlas to name but a few, these commonalities are consistent across themes especially the Flood and giants. Fleming’s focus is on Genesis 6:1-4 and although he did not really provide the answer to my question,  the passage itself is one that particularly bothered me. Reading and inwardly digesting the Bible is a difficult task, not only is it full of seemingly innumerous contradictions, differing interpretations that vary over time and culture, even scholars disagree, how is the ordinary person supposed to decipher it? Then there is Celtic mythology and the goddesses and gods of old, written about by medieval monks who placed their family trees to the Sethite line of Noah, that too has to be kept in mind when deciphering and analysing the ‘Lebor Gabála Érenn’ and Irish pseudo-history.

Research is fascinating, although the more you learn, the more you realise you don’t know.  There is additional information on my Pinterest account: –

These notes are temporary; updating soon.

Fallen Angels

According to ‘The Book of Enoch’, two hundred Fallen Angels were said to have stepped out of the flames on Ardis, at the top of Mount Armon, lead by Samyaza ( These ‘fallen’ angels imparted their sophisticated knowledge to the existent human population, but at some point the sons of God fell for the charms of human women. This union produced giants known as Nephilim, that the bible tells us God sent the deluge to rid the earth of them (


In Irish mythology a semi-divine race of giants known as Fomorians were believed to inhabit Ireland, having arrived prior to Partholon (Second Invasion of Ireland, arrived 300 years after the deluge).  Cessair, the granddaughter of Noah, constituted the First Invasion of Ireland, according to the pseudo-biblical ‘Lebor Gabála Érenn’ (The Book of the Taking of Ireland) arrived with her entourage, in order to escape the impending flood waters. It has also been reported that Cessair was carrying a human cargo of females with only three men to service the ladies, for purposes of repopulating the world when the deluge had passed. Although Cessair and her passengers perished, her husband sought safety in Fintan’s Grave, a cave on Tountinna, high up in the Arra Mountains, Co. Tipperary.


The final chapter in ‘The Book of Enoch’ describes the physical attributes of an angel, when Lamech’s wife gives birth to a child with ‘flesh of which was as white as snow, and red as a rose; the hair of whose head was white like wool, and long; and whose eyes were beautiful. When he opened them, he illuminated all the house, like the sun; the whole house abounded with light’ ( Interestingly, the Tuatha Dé Danann (Fifth Invasion of Ireland) are also frequently referred to as the ‘Shinning Ones’, especially Lugh the grandson of Fomorian Balor, is referred to as a Sun god. Lugh Lamhfada is the son of Cain a member of the Tuatha Dé Danann though they are claimed to be the descendants of Noah. There are two names similar to the Dé Danann listed under the descendants of Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth, both at the end of each quote. Genesis 10:4 ‘And the sons of Javan; Elishah, and Tarshish, Kittim, and Dodanim’. Genesis 10:7 ‘And the sons of Crush: Seba, and Havilah, and Sabtah, and Raamah, and Sabtecha: and the sons of Raamah: Sheba, and Dedan’

Certain traditions maintain that the Fomorians were quite a primitive race in respects, as it is cited that they lived on fish and fowl before Partholon introduced farming methods ( In Chapter 7 of ‘The Book of Enoch’ it is noted that these giants were ‘three hundred cubits in stature’ with appetites that caused them to devour all around them; including birds, beasts, reptiles, and fishes, to eat their flesh one after another, and to drink their blood’.  Seanthrún Céitinn contended that the Fomorians came up from Africa, as they were a seafaring race of people descended from Noah’s son Ham (! Other tales of the Fomorians would seem to contradict this idea of a simple people with stories of a sophisticated glass tower set in the sea, being their home (

Tír fo Thuinn

Is a mythological city set under the sea associated with the Otherworld in Celtic mythology. Although purely anecdotal, it allows for the suggestion that the children of the ‘fallen’ could have had access to the technology necessary to build a stronghold to hideout from the flood, in one place where nobody would think to look for them! This aspect would also tie in with Anak/Anakim/Anunnaki based Ancient Astronaut theory.

Shared Ancestry

The ‘waters’ are further muddied with the contention that both the Tuatha Dé Danann and the Fomorians have a shared ancestry through Néit, god of war, husband of Nemain, and or Badb, also grandfather of Balor, which would make Néit the great, great grandfather of Lugh Lamhfada (

The Fomorian; Morc son of Dela also shares his gene pool with the first generation of Fir Bolg (Fourth Invasion of Ireland) as they were said to be sons of Dela (

Cessair (1st Invasion), Partholon (2nd Invasion) and Nemed (3rd Invasion) according to medieval Christian mythohistory all were descended from Noah.

Partholón ‘was the son of Sera, son of Sru, a descendant of Magog, son of Japheth, son of  Noah’ (

Nemed, ‘the son of Agnoman of Scythia, Agnoman being the son of Piamp, son of Tait, son of Sera, son of Sru, son of Esru, son of Friamaint, son of Fathochta, son of Magog, son of Japheth, one of the sons of Noah’ ( The Tuatha Dé Danann are said to be part of the Nemedian family tree.


Anak, the son of Arba cited as ‘a great man among the Anakims’ Joshua 14:15. Anak is referred to as a Rephaite; a race of ancient giants in the Hebrew bible.  In Deuteronomy 2:11 the Anakims are also referred to giants that the Moabites call Emims! According to the author of the Wikipedia article there is a Sumerian and Egyptian link found in a reference to ‘ly Anaq’ as political enemies in Canaan listed in Execration texts of the Middle Kingdom (2055-1650 BC)( . The three rulers of ly Anaq were Erum, Abiyamimu, and Akirum. Anak could be related to the Sumerian god Enki (ibid), just as Danu/Anu could be related to Anu of the Anunnaki, and the biblical people of Daniel to the children of Danu. In the same fashion as the Fallen Angels descended upon the earth mentioned above, there is a further reference to travel by fiery furnace found in the Book of Daniel 3:20-27 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego ‘fall down bound into the fiery furnace’ only to reappear later accompanied by the Son of God as observed by the King  Nebuchadnezzar. Another commonality is that both the Nemedians and the tribe of Daniel were enslaved.

No early history of Arba is given in the Old Testament and little is known of his genealogy, with the exception of his child, Anak, and three possible grandsons, Sheshai, Ahiman and Talmai, who were driven out of the land Caleb inherited, as cited in Joshua 15:13-14. Numbers 13:33 ‘And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight’. This is frequently cited as a biblical reference to the Anunnaki; it may or may not be however, it makes an interesting link for those writing fiction, in that it proves that you have researched the topic, and got creative!

Just as one reaches the end of the day, sometimes one is compensated with an exciting reward…Fleming, J., 1879, The Fallen Angels and The Heroes of Mythology, Dublin: Hodges, Foster & Figgis: –

 Useful Links: – The Book of Generations of Adam: –

I do know that Wikipedia references are not altogether too academic, but as mentioned above there are many books of research, all to be sorted hence, these references will change as I dig further into my notes.


What is the Book of Enoch?