New Day


Today, the stormy weather conditions remind us that autumn has arrived, as the ancient cycle of seasons is believed to be representative of life perhaps explains the inspiration for a significant shift in direction. Did you ever have one of those days when you literally wake-up, and its all change from here on!

This has happened many times in my life, and has lead to anything from getting married, having a child, going back to university, quitting smoking, joining a gym; it a life changing day!

Years ago, on the Opera Winfrey show, a guest told the audience that, despite being the lowest paid there that day, he had more savings than the other higher paid interviewees because, he always paid himself first. In other words, he saved a small amount of money every pay day. He and his wife were also into couponing, a phenomenon that at the time we did not have on this side of the Atlantic. Although its more than twenty years ago since that show was aired, the principle has remained in my consciousness.

Every single cent that we spend or save is important, in Ireland when you buy a lottery ticket a portion of the profits are given to deserving causes. The same is true in the United Kingdom where the lottery have greatly assisted the GB Olympic team. Interestingly, they also donate to a food bank, so do not berate yourself for ‘wasting’ money on the lottery, if you have ever bought a ticket and lost.

We need to recognise that balance is important; spend a small sum of money and save a few Euros every week. It is a little bit too easy to spend €12 on the six panel Euromillions ticket; I did last night and won zero as usual. The current formula, obviously needs a period of readjustment, ergo, analysis is suspended for a few draws.

You know the day when you’ve got to do the maths on your bank account for the month, mine was this morning, might explain the change in direction also. Having spent €12 last night, to no avail, for fun I just worked out a €12 stake, twice a week over one year = €1,248.00; total over ten years €12,480.00 whereas a €2.00 stake in every draw over one year totals €208.00!

If you wanted to save €1.00 everyday of your working live towards your future, over forty five years, you would have accumulated €16,380 or if you could scrape together €3.00 everyday for forty five years you’d have just shy of €50K (€49,140) its worth thinking about.

As a life long smoker and drinker we calculated that over the years had I saved every single cent it would total the cost of a really decent size house! Approximately €250K!

Its never too late to wake up to the benefits of doing the maths!


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